Dreams are yours

I have a problem, a problem with surrounding my dreams and goals with people around me. I realized that it is not what I want because they are not mine. I wanted to be my own person. It took me some hard reflection time to want and realize that having my own dream will make me stronger and more happier with my life. So this summer I took the time to build myself, build the person that I will love and adore. For my freshman and sophomore year I surrounded my dreams around other people that were in no way worth it. Once I wanted to make a change I grilled up a plan for the summer. Summer came and I started to do some hardcore work on myself, and to be completely  honest I had no idea where to start. I was so caught up in bull crap from last year and a half that I lost my individuality, which is what made me my own person. I am a strong believer that high school can be the place to grow, create who we want to be, and find our dreams. Being our own person and having our own goals is vital because we seriously only live once and why not take advantage of what little time we do have here. We may think “Oh yeah this is what I want.” But take some time and think of what you want. My dreams may seem basic but they are mine and I know for a fact that is what I want. I settled for a long time with my dreams so think about the amazing and beautiful  opportunities the world has to offer. Several people do not realize that there is so much more out there fore each one and everyone of us. I will not be the person that stays in the town I grew up I, I will not be the person that follows a boy and tags along to his dreams because I think I love him an di will in no way be the person that thinks I cannot meet the goals I place before me. But I will be the girl who goes on a 3 month long backpacking trip in Europe. I will be the person who gets my masters degree in psychology and I will be the girl who can say at the end of the day I achieved what I wanted to achieved because I put my all in it and I will definitely have the satisfaction that it was all my doing. So know that creating ourselves, finding what we want is important and do not lose that because once we do we slowly fade away from our individuality.


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