High school: insecure & confidence

High school is in session and it is appropriate to write a post about high school. For a few days i have been writing different post and none of them felt right, i guess the other ones are for another time. To start off high is a crap hole but also amazing. Whatever i write just know that i do enjoy high school. In high school we are introduced to another part of our life it is not middle school anymore, i hated middle school so much Thomas Heck could suck a butt. My experience so far with high school was a roller coaster. Something that i have learn during my amazing and still ongoing roller coaster is girls are MEAN! I know it because i am a girl, i have girl friends. Today i was talking to my good friend and she was explaining to me about several people either spreading rumors about her or talking crap about her. The whole time in my head i ran through things that i have experience in that last two years so i can give her some insight on her situation. Sophomore i was so insecure because there was this girl that i felt was better than me because one person one told me that in actions and in words. So what i did was obviously confide in my friends and well they would tell me “ sunnie your are amazing and she is trash.” and sadly that made me feel better, it makes me sad that i had to make myself feel better by convincing myself that the girl is below me in every aspect. Deep down i felt like she was more amazing than me in every way possible. It took me a long time trying to get over it, i went into deep depression because how much i let it affect me. Key word i let it affect me to prevent that all i had to do it just let it go let it be quotes both james bay and the Beatles. For me it is more easy for me to reach that spot in my life than others but that is for another post. During the end of my sophomore year i realized i do not need all this negativity and all i am doing is putting negativity in the world that is already so negative. So i made a change i changed my freaking attitude. I stop dwelling on something that literally is an aunt in my world. Something that does not matter at all. Yes maybe that girl is cooler, nicer, smarter, and prettier than me but the thing is why focus on someone that is bringing me down than focus on myself? Once i realized that i took baby steps of getting out of the hell hole i put myself in. It was hard to build myself back up but i did it and now i am focusing on my talents and expanding them. So back to today my friend she is the image of what every girl wants to be and everyone knows that everyone sees that in one glance of just looking at her and that is not bad at all. So with that other girls that have the same problem i did feel the need to bring her down because they are insecure and man i totally understand i really do but now i gained an understanding it is not worth it, all they are doing is putting themselves in a hole. It is so wrong to hurt someone’s confidence even if they do not know you are saying crap it just does not make it better., I have tried it and in no way made anything better, all it does is digs us in a hole that is freaking extremely hard to get out of. This world is literally filled with so much negative crap and in high school it already so hard for everyone so why add more negativity. My friend she is amazing and it is not right for people to slowly take down the confidence that is already so hard to build in high school.  We need to get over it, it hard but man it is so so much better when the weight is lifted. No one deserves to feel like they are not good enough because that is one of the worst feelings and no one deserves to have crapped talked about them. High school is hard and it filled with trials but something to make it easier is building our own confidence instead of focusing on someone else that is in the same boat as us. So remember each time we might call a girl fake or a whore it will not make it better all it does is make us a whore or fake.

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