Change is rolling forward

Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.” Stephen Chbosky.

I am a very inconsistent person living a non consistent life, people come and go all the time because situations change, or feelings change. For me change is hard because it is an adjustment that i have no idea what will be the outcome of the “change”, and with that i give up control. Without control i feel vulnerable i hate that feeling, it is also frightening not knowing what is ahead of me. So far growing up i have finally notice that high school is always changing, people are changing constantly maybe in ways that are not the best but also in ways that are absolutely amazing. Although yes, there are people who do not change at all and stay the same which for me seems tragic. The thing is it is freaking amazing to always be growing into someone better and if we are not growing we are just wasting time to be honest.

How do we deal with change? Well  i think the only way really is to really look at the situation and say “ How can i make this make me happy?”. For me when change did come my way either i would stress, become really sad, overwhelmed, just any negative feeling i would feel. Now i come to the realization that if change is coming then just make something great out of it. There is no reason just to sit and dwell on something that is moving forward. MOVE FORWARD WITH IT! Moving forward is so much more hard than just saying it, depending on the change it can hurt or just be beyond stressful but man it is happening and there is no stopping it. So get up on make something great out of it and then just move on. Moving forward takes time and a crap ton of effort and that is where the “change” comes into place. Moving forward and change go hand and hand, the change helps us move forward but moving forward we have to have that change to be able to move forward. I think that is why so many people have a difficult time with them both because it so much to take in all at once. Time is everything though, but once we let the positive change come and we flow with it, we will look back and know how much we needed that simple but maybe even difficult change. So let it happen do not dwell on something that has changed just change with it.

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