Simple Journey

Today i was at a event and this guy that i know came up to me and made a few comments that stuck with me, he made the point about enjoying the journey instead of just looking forward to the end point. This stuck out to me because sometimes we become so busy watching out for what is ahead of us but we do not take time to enjoy where we are. It is the little things that make up the end point. I find myself just going through the motions instead of making each day a memory, i think almost everyone does that. Or just saying “i will be happy when…” we will never be happy because there is always going to be more. There are so many simple things around us just to enjoy, like the comfort of an object,and family. Even for me i take advantage of the small moments and look to the future to be happy.

When i look back on past memories i regret not really taking advantage of how special the moment was instead of dwell on something i want more. There was a time when i had a special opportunity to visit a special place with my whole family and i regret not enjoying the moment as much as possible. Just taking the time just live in the moment because the future will come but the presence is going to leave and enjoying what is now will make the future that much more special.

Happiness will never come to the fullest if we cannot enjoy what is around us now, so enjoy it because we are only going to have each day once. Our journey is supposed to be special, and enjoying the small things on our way to the end point are probably going to best memories made.

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