Shooting Stars

I figured that maybe people are not always what we picture them to be, or even what we want them to be. We see what we want to see in others as well as ourselves, it works both ways maybe there is much more to someone, or there is much less to someone, that applies to ourselves too. We choose what we want to hear. I guess looking at the bigger picture is much harder than we think it is.

The other day I was stuck in small details that turned out to be absolutely nothing, I could not see beyond the moment that was just like any other day. Coming to the conclusion that maybe there is something more out there than what i see or simply looking over. I realized later the insignificant part I played in a situation that I wish was different, but it was not, and that is okay. When feeling small in the world, when feeling used, when feeling like there is no place for you, or even feeling like there is nothing much more beyond than just something small.

How does one get over it? I am still trying to figure that out myself, i am no expert on this subject, but what i do know is that maybe as time passes by we can look back on what was in the past and work for something better than what was given in square one. Clinging onto something that was in the past will do no good only hold us back from something that can make our whole world complete.

No one deserves to feel small in the world, we all have a place here. The other day I felt as though I had the whole world in the palm of my hand, the stars were shining more than ever, the moon was brighter than ever, the sky was the perfect blue more than ever, and man that moment disappeared quicker than I could blink my eyes. Happy moments come and they go each day, it is only if we cherish each moment we have even if the outcome was not what we hoped for.

I look back to the past and review the small treasures I had with a friend, but I also would dwell on how it has changed, how those moments of happiness left. I would cling onto the past because it was something I did not want to let go of, I did not want to let go of something I cared so dearly about. I knew I needed to because I was missing out on the reality of what is around me now, what simply moments I have passed by, and feelings I could have felt but ignored. When I finally let go of the past and starting living in the present it was a hard adjustment. I felt small in the world, I did not know my place, I was sad to let go of something that once was special, but in the end I knew it kept me from all the other small treasures that I could have obtain, but instead I held onto something that is gone. It takes time to realize and come to terms that it is time to move forward, start a new chapter, but once we let go we open a door to more small treasures that are even more greater than we can ever imagine. 

There is always more little treasure that will come our way we just have to open our eyes to the bigger picture because it will come and we can miss it if we are not looking, just like we can easily miss a shooting star on a perfect night, it comes fast as it goes. Paying attention to what is in “the now” is the key, although, it is always great to look toward the future and also reminisce through the past just remember that there are shooting stars around us everyday.

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